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I am quite tired of politician bashing. It is so easy to accuse the politician on the opposite side of any debate of being stupid, corrupt or malicious. We seem to work quite hard to find evidence to support our desire that they be stupid, corrupt or malicious and forget the moments that make things a lot less black and white.

Recently someone from my church posted a picture lampooning John Key. the caption of the pic read, “The only top job that requires no previous experience, no training, no qualifications and limited intelligence.”

Now let me be perfectly clear. I disagree with Mr Key’s politics profoundly. Currently I am trying to work out if I want to be a member of the Greens or Mana… However to engage in name calling, however funny or sophisticated, serves no useful purpose. It does NOT cause a Key supporter to question their beliefs. The Key supporter will merely CORRECTLY collect the barb as evidence of the unreasoning bias of Mr Key’s detractors. ┬áIt does make it harder for political opponents to listen to each other. It does make us underestimate the strategies of of political opponents.

Day to day I am constantly hearing friends and co-workers bash politicians and it makes me sad. I believe that politicians go into this role wanting to make the world a better place. Their desire to serve may be bettered and bruised by the demands of the role but I suspect our cynicism and love of bashing them contributes to this battering. I suspect if I were to sit down with My Key for a good chat that I would find a man who sincerely believes that the policies he advocates will bring the greatest good to the greatest number.

So my request is this. Advocate for the policies you believe in, and care for the people who disagree with you. Be, as MLK said, “Hard headed and soft hearted”.