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Being who I want to be


If I want to have streams of generosity and love flowing though me and out to others I need my friends.

I had forgotten this and over the last year I have felt that some sort of work I had been doing on building my person had been sliding slowly but inevitably down the drain. I had never linked these sense of selfishness and hard heartedness that I saw rising in my heart to the fact that it has been a lean year for my friendships

The facts of the matter is that without my friends I am lesser. I need them to be who I want to be. I am not an island I am a nexus of relationships…

So out to all of my friends: I am so grateful for all of your love to me over the years. I am going to be making a different kind of effort to connect with you lot now. I have realised that I don’t merely need to connect with you to assuage my feelings of loneliness. I need you guys in order to be the man I want to be and I realise that you guys need me too.




Disillusionment/Mid-life Crisis?


It amazes me that I forget so thoroughly and so often the two basic goodnesses that transform my life from being a hopeless empty place to being one of deep meaning.

God and sleep.