An untimely thought

I was thinking about death this Easter and I suppose it would have been more timely to write this thought then… But anyway.

I follow the god who died. I think that is one of the things that most draws me to following Christ. The idea that God in Jesus experienced an end. Sure there was resurrection but the messy mortal end had to come first. Recently an ardent atheist friend asked me to watch a free video about how Christianity is a fraud and as an interesting juxtaposition how the world trade centre attack was masterminded by the US government…

The crux of the argument against Christianity was that other religions before the big C had a god who died and came back to life etc. Almost all of the key aspects of the Christ story had been included in various other religions all around the world. The documentarian’s argument was that this exposed Christianity as a mere rehashing of other religions with a sense of copyright breach…

I thought it was an interesting document gathering together a sense of God communicating…

At this point I need to address the God-Gender issue. I was about to finish a sentence requiring a gendered word for God. I find the gender issue with regards to God insanely boring so I will say this. I believe God is both female and male. I would like to encourage those of you out there that identify as female to refer to God as female and those of you who identify as male to refer to God as male. Any of you who feel in between or both… perhaps you have a deeper understanding of God? I like this idea because it connects us in our gender with a sense of our own “made in the image of God”ness. I certainly think it might also be useful for people to experience the otherness of God by using another gender but I suspect that this has been overdone…

Anyway. Back to may unfinished sentence.

I thought it was an interesting document gathering together a sense of God communicating His nature in different ways in different cultures. It leaves me with the belief that there is great richness in exploring other cultures and faiths for more glimpses of the divine!

Anyway. The god who died. I worship the god who finds life in the small, dark, broken, despairing places of life. The one who takes our emptiness and fills it with life, whose love is stronger than death and who sits with us in the funeral service weeping for our loss. I am in awe of the depth, breadth and passion of this love that does not allow God to watch from afar but requires Him to suffer alongside us.

This god is not afraid of our shadows sides, not repulsed by our hatreds or alienated by our hurtful actions. He sees the beauty in us and and He sees the beauty in us and He sees the beauty in us.



2 Responses to “An untimely thought”

  1. dznz Says:

    I’m not sure about your idea of using gender to identify God. I kind of thought that the profundity of God’s otherness and alien-ness would be obscured by such an identification. I find it hard to imagine the Christian God with genitals or even form that would suggest gender.

  2. fergasm Says:

    I find that I am persuaded by paradox. I suspect most really important truths come bundled in it. One of these I believe is inherent in the Xian faith is the sense of God being both bodily and spirit another being the alieness of God and the haunting sense of being made of the same kind of stuff. I do think God has a lovely cock and and a delicious vagina and very possibly alsorts of other genitalia…

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