I think I’ll start the mining down with my thinking about magic.

I like the word magic. For me it speaks of the escape from scientific reductionism. That is the idea that the only real knowledge is acquired through repeatable measurable scientific method.

Now I have no qualms with the logical left brained thinking that has dominated the west for centuries. It has given us some great tools like the pc I am typing on right now. But it gets uppity. It tends to, like capitalism and the penicillin mould, make sure there are no competitors left for its bit of bread.

I believe it most definitely does not have a monopoly on truth.

I have found it a continual battle to try and nurture within my thinking the ability to enter into magical thought systems.  The tools that seem to offer the most promise are:

1. The delightfully unmodern and beautifully contradictory Judeo-Christian Holy Book and the doctrines the readers have concocted from it. Hint: If you are explaining the Trinity as the three states of water you are missing the point ENTIRELY!!!

2. The Buddhist koans I have come across.

3. Tarot.

I am still excited by this writing thing… ANyway that’s my post for today.


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