I am going to try and write everyday!

Hi to anyone that stumbles across this page!

My name is Fergus and I have been avoiding writing fairly sucessfully for 38 years. Somewhere inside I have this deep sense that I have stuff to say and that only by discciplining myself to write will I ever get it out.

So welcome to the experiment.

What do I have to say? Well I have learned in my 38 years that there are not many people out there that would describe themselves as devoted to Jesus and unabashedly committed to the Sex Positive philosophy. It deeply distresses me that most of those who are doing their best to follow the creator god are also inclined to think that one of the greatest joys in life is somehow dark and dangerous.

Hmmm…. Not that sex isn’t dark and dangerous… its just that I suspect that dark and dangerous is not necessarily a bad thing and often contains within itself the seeds of new life and creativity…

Anyway I feel like I am choosing to out myself because many of my friends may not know about the aspects of my convictions that I will write about here. I hope that this medium will help the people I love (and the people I have never met) understand that these ideas come from my heart and are my best attempts to follow Christ with a sense of awe and delight in the world that stands, in me, alongside a deep sense of anger at the birthright that was stripped away by a world that teaches us to live in fear.

I suspect that most of this will not make sense at this point but I will endeavour to expand and elucidate some of the muddy rhetoric above in subsequent posts.

I am excited!


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